Monday, 2 March 2009

Last Post

I have enjoyed keeping a blog about ICT. 

It has made me take more notice of the use of ICT within observed lessons and my own lessons, because I knew that I would be writing about it. This worked the other way too, because I had been writing about it I was also thinking about it.

 I think the ICT on the PGCE course has made me consider the wider use of ICT all around us, and I now notice more children using different technologies and how natural they are with them.

 One of my year 4 children brought in his memory stick with a PowerPoint presentation, of a maths thinking problem; he had made for the rest of the class. This was because I had giving them a problem a day on the IWB and he had found one he wanted to share. I like to think that I had inspired him, not that he thought he could do a better job!

 I have also found blogging a useful tool for sharing information I have found, although I have not used this very efficiently as I have not looked at anyone else’s blogs and doubt they have looked at mine. Therefore it is probably more useful as a personal reflective tool.

 I am not sure that I will keep blogging for personal reflection. However it is something I might consider using with my class.