Monday, 10 November 2008

Recently I have been using my computer, facebook and last fm to keep myself sane. I have been working hard on planning lessons, DAs and Assignment research, all of which have been computer based. So it has been nice to give myself little breaks to browse through photos and chat to friends online whilst working. Also I have enjoyed listening to new music suggetsted by Last fm radio!

I am also in the process of setting up a pottery business online. This has taken a back seat since I started the PGCE course though. But I have purchased a lovely light tent to photograph our pieces so we are now in the processes of taking lots of photos, before constructing our website. It is up at the moment but very raw, with not much actual content (

I had power cut yesterday evening and most of the night, although I very much enjoyed the peace and quiet (no machines buzzing!), it did highlight that it could happen at any time and I should get into a better habit of saving regularly so as not to lose what I am working on. It also made me promise myself not to leave any work right to the last minute/ night before (eg assignment)!

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The Python said...

Useful comments. Laptops are great for avoiding power cuts.

Could not see your ceramic site :-(